Weak in three or more numbers

In this page, we have an example of an ideal life schedule considering various potencies.
There is action to improve various things such as mental and physical health, healthy life span, beauty (restoration of spots, wrinkles and obesity, rejuvenation of cells, etc.), concentration, imagination, ability to take action.

People who are easy to practice all the contents here is limited to people like students, athletes and digital nomads, but the information here is helpful for everyone. Many people have constraints such as “I have to go to school or work”, “I cannot do it at school or work” and so on. However, Making the contents here basic, taking constraints in real life into consideration, adjusting them so that the effects do not decrease as much as possible is very beneficial. The most important thing here is to sleep with both sufficient amount and sufficient quality. The almost contents described here are effective to get good sleep. The time of the life schedule described here is based on getting up at 6 am and going to bed at 10 pm. There are two ways to adjust the time from this life schedule.

  • The first is to shift the overall time. In some cases, it may be necessary to shift the time back or forth as a whole, for example night shift labor or preparation for family breakfast. However, unfortunately, since the human body is adapted to act during sunlight is illuminating the surroundings, it is better to get up at 6 am and go to bed at 10 pm, according to sunlight. It is better to sleep according this timing if possible, but if you can not do it, it is preferable for you to use illuminations instead of sunlight.
  • The second is adjustment of sleeping hours. Appropriate sleeping hours vary depending on physical conditions and individual differences. In addition, during winter than during summer, they may be longer. In terms of individual differences, the constitution of human beings on sleeping hours is divided into three main types. Most people are middle sleepers, and other people are short sleepers or long sleepers.
    • I think that it is better for Middle Sleepers to treat the time of the schedule here as the basis. Since they are easy to adjust sleeping hours, if they can wake up earlier without difficulty, they can get up less than an hour ahead of schedule. However, it is better for them to take a nap.
    • it is no problem, that the sleeping hours of short sleepers is short, as long as it gives waking up naturally. For example, they go to bed at 11 pm and to get up at 4 am. However, it is better for them to take a nap, too.
    • Long sleepers have hardships. They require a long sleeping hours due to their constitution. However, a nap greatly shortens the sleeping hours necessary for them. They should take a nap essential. It is better that they increase their sleep time slightly back and forth with a nap. For example, they go to bed at 9 pm and to get up at 7 am.

The times here is a rough guide. It is more important to be conscious of work order than the precise time. Please actively take water supply and toilet breaks. If you have to get up earlier next morning than usual, regardless of what the scheduled time is, it is better to move the schedule after the evening of the previous day including sleeping forward only one hour. If you want to increase sleeping hours on weekends as you can not secure sleeping hours on weekdays, you can delay your wakeup up to 2 hours in addition to the above. However, it is still the first thing to continue to secure enough and regular sleeping hours from day to day. About three weeks is also necessary to resolve temporary performance degradation due to sleep deprivation. In addition, sleep deprivation greatly affects beauty and health afterwards. Therefore, let’s take care of sleep from day to day.

Then, concrete life schedule is summarized below.

Weak in three or more numbers

Last updated: December 30, 2018

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