First from the shape

In this section, we have verified and organized information on various books, television, internet etc. Unfortunately, many of the information on books, television and internet have the following features.

  • There are a lot of extra things, which takes time to read.
  • It is hard to understand what is described there because related information is not well organized.
  • It is hard to understand what to do specifically.

This section is designed to minimize the above drawbacks as much as possible, to make it easy to understand, act and effect. Than to memorize all of the contents here at once, it is better to read and practice only the necessary parts repeatedly at the necessary timing after looking through all of the contents.

Please pardon me if there are any inadequacies here. If new information is obtained, I will add and correct it here. If you can point out something and contact me, I will reflect it after verifying it.

Because it gives priority to making the whole thing easier to understand, the reason and the evidence of the effect, duplicate expression is greatly omitted except that it is particularly important. However, understanding the reasons and evidence of the effect, and reading the same contents with different expressions will influence strong memory and motivation. Also, because of a potential for different or new information there, so if you allow time and effort, it would be better to obtain information in various books.

First from the shape

Last updated: October 3, 2018

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