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In this page, we have the information about the self-control feeling that is important to improve various things such as mental and physical health, healthy life span, beauty (restoration of spots, wrinkles and obesity, rejuvenation of cells, etc.), concentration, imagination, ability to take action. For methods to train self-control feeling, please refer to Good jump! (small)How to train brains to maintain concentration and Imagination for a long time.

Sense of self-control and self-recognition

Although it is true to various things including self-development overall, there is one very important thing when trying to strive for something. It is a self-control feeling. It means you control yourself, and requires your self-recognition. Self-recognition is to understand your situation yourself. If you are able of it, you are able to do almost self-control.

Regarding self-control and self-recognition, it is important to have that sense, that is, self-control feeling, self-recognition feeling. You cannot know if you do self-control or self-recognition accurately, and cannot have their feeling while aware of lies to yourself. In other words, you aim to have their feelings. If you feel that you have both sensations, first of all, it is good to trust their feeling obediently.

However, if you think that you are able to recognize yourself but are not able to control yourself, you probably do not have methods to make use of yourself or not enough recognize yourself yet. For example, you do not notice that you are in a whirlpool while you are in the whirlpool, but notice that you were in the whirlpool after you left the whirlpool.

Do not feel guilty about yourself that you recognized

The very important thing here is that you do not feel guilty about yourself that you recognized. Even if you realize your lack of capability or effort, thereby blaming yourself or having awareness of sin is a wasteful. (Although it is another story if you really commit a crime.) Having a positive attitude rather than guilt, improvement is easy. Sometimes it is necessary to think that “when I cannot do it, I cannot”. If you realize that the way to try or the goal itself is wrong, it is a big discovery. so let’s make use it for self-growth. Just because one did not come true at that time, does not mean that it will not come true since then. The past and the future are separate things.

If you are thinking that you do not want to think about improvement or self-growth, it means that you are in the whirlpool and bad condition. In that case, please forgive yourself for be in bad condition. Your condition will recover slowly, even if you are lazy. Everyone has the habit of not forgiving himself or herself well, there is a difference in degree. Sometimes it may be difficult, but you can gradually forgive yourself.

How to make use of yourself

The way to make use of yourself is shown in the health information section as an example of the base one. You will get the concrete methods that realize your hope, if you added to the basic methods here considering personal circumstances. Both self-control feeling and self-recognition feeling will also increase by practicing the methods here, checking the degree of achievement, and making efforts to achieve it. You will get more self-control feeling and more self-recognition feeling by practicing the methods here, checking the degree of achievement, and making efforts to achieve it. And above all, you will get better physical and mental condition, and then everything will be easier to do. It is also effective for beauty and healthy life span.

Do not aim for being stoic

In reading the health information section, depending on the content, you might feel that “It is very binding”. That is the correct response. Although it is ideal to do all the methods here, but you should not aim to be endurant and stoic.

First of all, it is better to grasp the overall outline, and then to gradually practice methods of easy to do. In that case, rather than gradually adding content to practice newer than the other day, it is better to practice more content that you are able to do easily on the day. The following is an example.

  • One day: “Today, I did not A, B and C, but did D.”
  • Next day: “Today, I did not C and D, but did A and B.”

If you feel that “This does not suit me”, you may pass it.

From the above aspects as well, it is preferable to read the necessary parts repeatedly at the necessary timing after looking through all of the methods described in the health information section, rather than remembering all here at once. Unfortunately, we can only remember less things for shorter while, than we expected. It is good that you look back until to think that you did not forget them for about 2 months.

Rogue (lightning)

Last updated: December 30, 2018

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